Just like any other sport, there are also basic equipment and gears needed by figure skaters to perform well on the rink. Aside from adding beauty to their moves, it also keeps them safe during falls and slips. If you’re new and still learning how to skate, here are the basic gears you need to complete before heading out to the skating rink.


These are the cloth used to cover the blades of the skates. It protects and covers the blade from moisture and other factors while keeping other things in your bag safe from the blades. Soakers should be totally cleaned and dried before using so it won’t cause rust from building up on the blades.

Skate Guards

This is another essential accessory that helps keep your skates last longer. The blades get damaged when it touches surfaces other than ice, rubber and carpet. This is when skate guards come in handy. They are place over the skates as soon as the skater steps off the ice rink. However, don’t leave skate guards on when storing skate shoes at it can cause rust build up on the blades.


Since the ice rink is cold, the gloves are there to keep a skater’s hands warm. Aside from that, it also protects the hands from the cold ice when a skater falls or slips. Gloves are very affordable to never miss this one out. You can even have multiple pairs to mix and match your outfit.

Safety Gears

Safety is one of the priorities when doing any sport. Protective gears must always be worn as soon as you step on the rink, whether you’re already a pro skater or still a beginner. These equipment keep you safe from falls or accidents when you’re skating. Skating safety gears range from helmets, mouth guards to crash pads. Visit frozencouture.com for the best figure skating safety gears and stylish wear.


Skating can get boring sometimes, especially when you’re alone. Most figure skaters always carry their favourite music along with them in the rink so they could listen as they practice. Aside from curing boredom, it also helps set your mood as you perform fancy moves in the rink.


This one should never be forgotten, ever. Even when its summer outside, the ice rink will still be cold so you’ll need a jacket to keep you warm while inside. It would surely be uncomfortable skating when you’re shivering from the cold.

Dry Towel or Rag

After skating, you’ll need a dry towel or rag to wipe off the moisture from the blades. The blades should always be kept dry when not in use so they don’t get rusty. Cover the blades with soakers before putting the shoes in your bag.

Skate Bag

Of course you’ll need a bag where you can put everything you need in the rink. An over-the-shoulder sports bag with much space will do, as long as it can hold all your necessities.

Be sure to prepare all these essentials to make every skating session enjoyable and safe.

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